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is something going on here?

okay, just to let everybody know...

I'M ABSOLUTELY SURE THAT THESE NEW DIGITAL HIGH DEF TRANSMISSIONS ON TELEVISION HAVE SOME SORT OF COMPRESSED SUBLIMINAL IMFORMATION WHICH CREATES AN HYPNOTIC EFFECT SOMEHOW BASED ON THE STROBE RATE OF THE PICTURES OR SOMETHING!!?? i don't know, but just from my recent response to televised high def "programming" through the old analog sets (which still receive the transmissions, but with slight amounts of "distortion,") i'm absolutely convinced that this is the case. even throughout my tele-mesmerized youth i really don't recall a time in which an "on" television was so... persuasive... i know I haven't changed; i hate TV and have better things to do. my only choice is to leave the thing off.

did any of you see those spooky commercials regarding the high def switchover a year or two back?

"in four years the signal goes off... FOREVER."
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