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Beauty and Truth Fans! You have entered a new time, a new era where all that you have ever known is FALSE!!! But fear not Beauty and Truth Fans, you are in the Drivetime. We still respect you despite your ignorance. Everything that you know is beautiful to us, but we will crush all that you know. Unlearn, Beauty and Truth Fans, and journey with us to a more vibrant spectacle than you ever thought imaginable! Unless your afraid.....???


As the Cat-i-pillar asked Alice "Who ARE you?": What you knew then, what you know now, do you have the guts and glory to shell out your inner demon and sell him/her to the next highest bidder?

1. How would you describe your path?
Witch/Pagan/Wiccan/Scientologist/Atheist/Other? Are you solitary/coven
(realtime)? How long pract-i-sing? Your journey to the Occult?

I am a pagan, mostly of the serpent. I can't claim to be a witch or a wiccan or a druid or a shaman, etc etc etcf. The reason why is that I am neither of those paths but I am of those paths. I am a solitary, but now and then I do do with others if the need is in favor of which I am trying to acquire. I can't tell you exactly how long I've been practicing. In reality, all my life (so that be approx
25yrs). My spiritual journey to where I'm at now will take probably a book to explain, a lifetime really. But I am on a journey, and will always be on a journey. In short though, I had to unlearn everything I knew, everything about myself and everyone. My path has taken me to so many areas of the universe, to speak of its many truths would be in tongues.

2. What types of magick do you specialize in?

I specialize in a lot. I haven't done as much as I used to for various reasons, but gum-drops I'm coming back and coming back with bigger guns and bigger whistles!!!!

3. Most magickal experience?
What was your worse magicak experience.?

I have quite a few most magikal experiences. I think the one that takes the cake was when I was still in high school and I was trying to make contact with a water faery. I was in this natural stream, my boyfriend
at the time was with me. I'm sitting in this stream on the rocks working the magikal workings needed for this specific ritual. It was so peaceful. I was in this trance and I heard in the distance a fowl (possibly a duck of some sort or a goose) squaking. Immediately after hearing this, could of been mere seconds, I felt this strong presence right next to me and literally being pushed out of the water (though no hands were pushing me but it was like this overbearing presence that was in my personal bubble, hard to explain) and this huge feeling of I had to get out of the water. I get out of the water, and not even a minute after I got out of the water onto the shore my boyfriend at the time and I heard this loud ripping sound and a huge branch from a tree fell into the water where I was at seconds ago. You may think that this was the worst experience, it wasn't. In actuality, it was a very successful magikal experience.

The worst was when my boyfriend at the time in high school tried starting a magick war with me.

4. Answer these questions:
I am...
Strongest charateristic weakest charastic?
I love....
I admire...
I would love to...

I am an individual who is attractive, creative, sensual, independent, strong willed, compassionate, truthful, honest, intelligent, talented as well as many many things.

My strongest characteristic is my imagination, the ability to go with the flow, to adapt to every situation that I experience.

My weakest characteristic is the demons within myself that I'm still trying to irradicate (my fears).

I love myself.

I admire myself and the four Goddesses that have and still are very influential in my life.

I would love to reach the goals I have set up for myself that will enable me to enhance my every growing expansion on this journey called life. I do not claim to be the reincarnate of Mary Magdalene nor am I the Anti-Christ. I'm just escaping from all the dangerous images that would force me to become parodies of myself, that would fool me into being more passionate about the impression I make on you than being who I love to be. I would love to be me.

5. Has anything happened in your life that has changed the
course of your life? If so, tell us about it.

Once again, I could write a book. Actually, the stuff that has happened
to me that has changed the course of my life also changed what spiritual
path I'm now taking and what magik I specialize in. When I experienced
being homeless, financial problems, you name it, I had to unlearn everything
that I was taught when I was child. I had to face my fears, my demons
square in the face and I had to overcome. It was a long hard process
(still doing it but it gets easier and easier by the day) but it opened
all these doors that were once locked. My whole view on life is totally
different now than the 6 years ago view I once had when I first moved to Denver.

6. What couldn't you do without? Magickally & Mundane.

I couldn't do without my will, my love, my compassion, my truth and honesty. That is magickally and mundane.

7. If you had the eyes and ears of every living person in
the world, what would you do/say?

Then I would be a Goddess (or God but I prefer Goddess).

Beauty and Truth Fans! Answer the following questions bearing in mind what you have always known and what you know now. Answer honestly!
(*Important to note: Check back constantly to see if differences, either within what was answered before or within yourself*)

1: How would you describe your path?
Witch/Pagan/Wiccan/other? Are you solitary/coven
(realtime)? How long practising? Your journey to

2: What types of magick do you specialize in?

3: Most magickal experience? worst?

4: Answer these questions:
-I am...
-Strongest charateristic weakest charastic?
-I love....
-I admire...

5: Has anything happened in your life that has changed the
course of your life? If so, tell us about it. (This just may be the reason why you are here.)

6: What couldn't you do without? Magickally & Mundane.

7: If you had the eyes and ears of every living person in
the world, what would you do/say?
I would love to...
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